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Rental Potted Christmas Trees - What to expect and how to care for them

Here's a short video which explains more about what to expect when you receive your potted Christmas tree. Every tree is unique in shape and will vary from those shown in our video. As we deliver many tress in a short space of time we cannot offer a selection service. When you receive your rental Christmas tree we cannot accept returns based on the look or shape of the tree.

To keep your tree healthy and happy over the Christmas period please follow the guidelines below. This will give the tree the best chance of survival, so it can continue growing outside in our fields once returned, ready for subsequent Christmases. Thank you. 


Examples of our living potted Christmas trees... 

How to Care For Your Rental Potted Living Christmas Tree

Acclimatise your Christmas Tree

You should bring your potted tree indoors as late as possible and before doing so it is beneficial to acclimatise your Christmas tree.  Bringing your tree indoors too quickly can shock your tree with the sudden exposure to warmer temperatures.

Bring it from outdoors into a shed, unheated garage or indoor porch before bringing it into your house.

Not too hot!

Keep your tree outdoors until needed; for best results limit inside (warm) time to 25 days.  Avoid placing in front of heat sources indoors such as a radiator or open fire. This will cause excessive moisture loss and the needles to drop.

Water your tree

Your tree will be thirsty and needs watering daily with half a litre of water. You will need a saucer which will be provided with your tree.

Too much water and your potted tree will die of 'trench foot', too little and the needles may turn brown and fall. It's just best to check the soil every day to make sure it is not drying out.

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