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Tree Care Hints

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

We want your Ali & Joe’s Christmas Tree to stay looking amazing for as long as possible. Here are some tips to help your tree look great all the way into the New Year:

  1. Keep it outside until you are ready. The cool outdoor temperatures will mean the tree is not as susceptible to the drying hot temperatures of a house and so will stay looking good for longer.

  2. Trim 2cm off the base. Like cut flowers, a Christmas tree will absorb water easier If the base has been trimmed before putting it in a tree stand. We can do this for you at our retail sales (see our locations page)

  3. Think about where you’re putting your tree. Avoid putting it too close to heat sources such as radiators and log burners. They will dry your tree out faster, making it wilt.

  4. Make sure you water your tree. You should use a stand that has a water reservoir. All of the tree stands available to buy on our store hold water. We’d suggest checking the water level in you tree every day or two. And top it up if the level drops. Larger trees can absorb up to two litres of water a day.

  5. Your tree may drop a few needles - these are likely to be summer needles that shed and get caught between the branches. The Nordmann fir Christmas tree is a low-drop variety. This means that there will be a very low amount of needle drop when compared to the cheaper Norway Spruce variety.

  6. Whether you keep your tree up until Twelfth Night or take it down on New Year’s Day, please recycle your tree. Local councils will collect and recycle your tree as part of its residential waste collection service. Alternatively, Ali & Joe can collect and recycle your tree for you - a particularly useful service for business customers and also for residential customers who prefer to have their tree removed on a date that suits them.

  7. A helpful hint when removing your tree is to wrap in in an old sheet to carry it out of the house, avoiding the chaos of branches knocking pictures off the wall and scaring the pet!

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