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Rental Christmas Tree Bristol. Now available to order online!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

This Christmas we are excited to launch our new improved service - Rent a living potted Christmas Tree.

Rent a Christmas Tree in Bristol
Rental Christmas Tree

As we consider more ideas to help customers celebrate Christmas, we are offering the chance to rent a Christmas tree in Bristol for the season and then give it back when the festivities are over. Its the perfect opportunity to get Christmas delivered to your door and take the hassle out of buying and disposing of a cut tree. It also helps to ensure Christmas trees keep on growing.

How it works.

Order your rental Christmas tree online and select a delivery and collection date. Pay at the checkout and wait for Christmas to begin! We only ask that customers follow our care guidelines so that the trees remain healthy whilst in the house so they are available to use again next year. We rent our Christmas trees to the Bristol area only

Our rental Christmas trees are grown wild and free! They are allowed to grow freely with minimal pruning to ensure they remain healthy and therefore not every tree is the same in shape and branch structure. If you rent a Christmas tree be ready to receive your unique version of Christmas. If you prefer a pruned and traditional Christmas tree shape we advise you buy a cut Christmas tree instead.

Click the link here to go to our rental page.

Rental Christmas trees come in a variety of shapes...

order online to rent a Christmas tree in Bristol
Bristol Rental Christmas trees available

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