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Christmas Tree Delivery to Bristol and Bath

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

A few reasons to choose our delivery service.

Firstly, delivery is FREE! Just order online and we’ll deliver your Christmas tree in Bristol or Bath absolutely free. And, if you order online, we might also give you a cheeky discount code that you can give to friends or use yourself next year!

Using smart route-planning technology, we minimise journey time, making our delivery service a greener alternative to individual car journeys collecting a tree from a sale site.

We can easily fit the biggest trees into our vans - you’ll struggle to get a 7ft tree into a Ford Fiesta! And you don’t have to deal with any pesky stray tree needles in your car.

Our trees are farmed locally, and they’re cut and wrapped as close as possible to the delivery date you choose so they're lovely and fresh. With the right care, your tree should stay looking great until Twelfth Night. See our article for tree care tips:

We have loads of delivery slots available. If you’re working from home during the week, then a mid-week day time delivery slot is perfect for you - get ahead and get a job done! We have evening and weekend slots available too, offering maximum flexibility. If you have any special requirements for delivery, please get in touch here:

The most popular date for Christmas tree delivery in Bristol and Bath in 2020 was Friday 11th December. Whatever date suits you best, you can secure your Christmas tree and delivery slot NOW, and not have the pressure of having to sort it out at the last minute or not getting the delivery date you want.

We hand pick our trees for delivery - you’ll get the same top grade quality that we’ve become famous for.

If you have friends or family living in Bristol or Bath, why not treat them to a beautiful Christmas tree as a gift? Order a tree from us, and we’ll deliver a brilliant Christmas present for you.

Don’t forget! You can also buy a stand for your Christmas tree from Ali & Joe. Have a look here for more information.

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